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Wheels Shuttle Your ideal private transportation solution. Request our private service with one click, to wherever you are headed. Our expert drivers ensure efficient and safe rides. Payment options in cash or with a card. Trust us for a comfortable and smart city journey.

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Are you at or heading to the CBX? Use the private transportation service of Wheels Shuttle, with which you can travel throughout much of California, whenever and wherever you need.

Más razones para preferirnos

Travel with fixed fares.

With Wheels Shuttle, do not worry about unexpected surcharges. Travel to your destination with just one fixed fare, no complications.


Travel safely, with people as our top priority.

Whether you travel in the back seat or in the front, every aspect of the Wheels Shuttle experience has been designed with your safety in mind. Our drivers are trained to make your journey a safe and efficient experience. Visualize your route in real-time with geolocation on our Mobile App.


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